Word Essential

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Abandon: desert; leave without planning to come back; quit; leave behind; reject; renounce; and give up
Anecdote: short narrative describing an interesting or amusing incident; tale; narrative; urban myth
Bachelor: unmarried man; graduate who holds a bachelor’s degree
Bear: give birth; something difficult to do or deal with; endure; carry; support; suffer; produce
Blade: edge (of a knife); cutting portion of a razor; thin leaf; paddle; bat; racquet; propeller
Break in: enter forcibly; interrupt a person while he is speaking; an illegal forced entry in order to steal something
Breeding: courtesy; education; upbringing; rearing; cultivation; producing offspring
Cloak: loose sleeveless outer garment that fastens at the neck and hangs down the back; mask; disguise; cover


Contest: fight for; appeal; challenge; competition
Cot: a small bed with high barred sides for a baby or very young child; light portable bed; a camp bed
Data: information; facts; facts and statistics used for reference or analysis; the quantities
Detective: investigative; one who searches for information and evidence relevant to specific occurrences
Flirting: coquetry; affectionate and playful conduct meant to arouse sexual interest; brief romance
Gallant: brave; showing respect for women; chivalrous; gentlemanly
Generous: freely giving more of something than is necessary or expected; giving; unselfish; abundant; plentiful
Gesture: express an idea or emotion through bodily movements; motion of to emphasize or help to express a thought
Hardship: something that is hard to bear; difficulty; suffering; trouble; severe suffering or privation; misfortune; bad luck
Jealous: afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else; wanting what someone else has
Keen: sharp; intense; eager; clever; perceptive; astute; strong; enthusiastic; wonderful; amazing
Knight: medieval warrior; man who holds an honorary nonhereditary rank; chess piece shaped like a horse’s head
Lot: divide; allocate; section of land; film studio; large amount; a great deal
Muddy: covered in mud; cloudy; hazy; vague; cover in mud; make impure; confuse the issue; make unclear
Oath: a promise that something is true; words of a solemn promise; a curse
Peg: fasten with clothespin; strengthen with a wedge; reinforce with a spike
Puddle: small pool of water or liquid; mud; pool of foul stagnant water; dirty; pollute; roll about in the mud
Qualify: become fit; show that you are able; meet the minimum standards; restrict; attribute a quality or characteristic
Swore: past ofswe ar; solemnly promise; curse; use obscene language; testify under oath (Law); bind by an oath
Tact: ability to say the right thing; diplomacy; ability to skillfully deal with people; sense of what is proper or appropriate
Unaccustomed: unfamiliar; not accustomed to; unusual; not used to something
Upbringing: rearing of children; the treatment and instruction received from one’s parents throughout childhood
Vacant: empty; unfilled; unoccupied; not in use; lacking expression; not claimed
Widow: woman whose husband has died; take away something valuable

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