Essential Words for the TOEFL- Lesson 7

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همراه با آزمون


appropriate clarify conceal confirm constantly convenient  core  critical distort  diverse prosperous  purposefully reveal  scarcely  theoretically

همراه با آزمون



adj. correct or good for the purpose

appropriate v.(1. to take something for yourself when you do not have the right to do this set aside for a particular purpose; ᅳsynonym steal)

n. appropriateness adv. appropriately Syn. proper

It is not appropriate to cheat on tests. She was dressed appropriately in a suit for the job interview.

His bright clothes were hardly appropriate for such a solemn occasion. I think this is an appropriate moment to raise the question of my promotion.

Complaints must be addressed to the appropriate authority.

Congress appropriated $5 million for International Woman's Year.  The government has appropriated a large sum of money for AIDS research. more money was appropriated for building schools.   not enough money has been appropriated for the construction of the new airport.   The Senator was found to have appropriated government money. He is suspected of appropriating government funds. uring their absence, he appropriated their share of the money.

clothes appropriate for a job interview. an education system which is more appropriate to the needs of the students. It would not be appropriate for me to discuss that now. It seemed somehow appropriate that we should begin our journey here. I didn't feel that this was an appropriate time to mention the subject of money.

I thought his remark was highly appropriate, given the circumstances. The timing of the announcement was particularly appropriate . Where appropriate , I delegate as much work as possible. Mark box 1 or 2, as appropriate . I can assure you that appropriate action will be taken. this suit is not appropriate for tonight's party.   an English class appropriate for children.   they thanked him appropriately. 

this joke is not appropriate in front of ladies. His bright clothes were hardly appropriate for such a solemn occasion. I think this is an appropriate moment to raise the question of my promotion. Complaints must be addressed to the appropriate authority.



v. to make more easily understood, to make clear

n. clarification (the act of making something clearer or easier to understand, or an explanation that makes something clearer)

Syn. explain

Chapter 2 in the textbook clarifies the process of osmosis. A clarification of the government's position on this matter is necessary.

Could you clarify one or two points for me? Reporters asked him to clarify his position (=say exactly what his beliefs are) on welfare reform. The report aims to clarify how these conclusions were reached.


Will you clarify that statement? When will the government clarify its position on equal pay for women? to clarify one's meaning.   this matter needs further clarification. There have been a number of official changes and clarifications. Email us if you require further clarification on how to order. I asked for clarification on the legal position.


conceal      formal




v. to prevent from being seen or known n. concealment ( 1.the act of concealing. 2.the state of being concealed.)

Syn. hide

The students concealed their feelings about the course. His concealment of the evidence made his case more difficult to prove. He concealed his feelings/his debts from his wife. He was found to be carrying a concealed weapon. She tried to conceal how she felt.


The path was concealed by long grass. a concealed weapon. She tried to conceal the fact that she was pregnant. She was taking drugs and trying to conceal it from me. deliberate concealment of his activities.

Concealment of evidence is a criminal offense. The criminals stayed in concealment (=hidden) until the police had passed.

she concealed cocaine and opium in her house. We do not conceal the fact that we seek to boost the power of our missile systems," President said.




v. to make certain, given support to give support or certainty to (a fact, belief, statement, etc.), e.g. by providing more proof or by stating that something is true or correct:

adj. confirmed n. confirmation

Syn. prove

The director confirmed that the meeting would be on the tenth. We have just received confirmation of your reservation on the flight to Los Angeles. He said he would accept the job, so we have asked him to confirm his acceptance in writing. The expression on her face confirmed our worst fears. This new evidence confirms (me in) my opinion that they are lying. The President refused to either confirm or deny this rumor. The announcement confirmed that the election would take place on June 20th. a note asking us to confirm when we would be arriving.



adv. all the time, or very often adj. constant (1 fixed or unchanging, 2.continually happening or repeated; regular. 3.lit loyal; faithful.)

Syn. continually

Philosophy constantly questions the nature of human existence. The speed of light is constant at 186,000 miles a second. He talked constantly about his work.

The English language is constantly changing. He drove at a constant speed. A thermostat keeps the temperature constant.

constant arguments. The machinery requires constant maintenance. under constant attack in the newspapers a constant friend.



adj. easy to reach, near; suitable to one's needs adv. conveniently

n. convenience (the quality of being convenient; suitableness for a particular purpose, situation, etc.)

Syn. practical

The student union is convenient to the physical sciences building. For the convenience of the student body, the library is located in a central location. the house is very convenient for the store. Will three o’clock be convenient for you? I’m afraid this isn’t a very convenient time to see you. They met in a mutually convenient place. (=suited to both their needs) It was politically convenient to blame the Senator from Idaho. conveniently situated in a quiet suburb.

We bought this house for its convenience, it’s near the center of town and there is a good transport service. For the sake of convenience, the library books are separated into different categories. Ready meals sell well because of their convenience. Most of us like the convenience of using credit cards to buy things. For convenience, the German translation is printed below.



adj. the central or most important part n. core Syn. chief

The core of the curriculum consists of courses that are required of all students. They are loyal to the core. The Earth has a molten core. The belief in free enterprise is at the core of their political thinking. The core of the problem.



adj. very serious or requiring careful judgment; finding fault (please check your dictionary for more defenitions)

v. critique (to say how good or bad a book, play, painting, or set of ideas is)

n. criticism (remarks that say what you think is bad about someone or something)

n. critic (someone whose job is to make judgments about the good and bad qualities of art, music, films etc)

adv. critically

Syn. dangerous

It is critical to follow the directions for the experiment exactly as the instructor indicates. The runner accepted criticism from his coach very well. His book provides a critical analysis of the television industry in Britain. She looked round the room with a critical eye.

He offered to critique our plans.

Despite strong criticism , the new system is still in place. There has been widespread criticism of the decision. The government's economic strategy has attracted a lot of criticism. You must learn to accept criticism. Many employees find it hard to take even mild criticism. the storm of criticism that followed his announcement. a review by the theatre critic of the Sunday Times.




v. (to change from the original shape or condition, usually in an unnatural way 2. to give a false or dishonest account of; twist out of the true meaning)

adj. distorted n. distortion

Syn. deform

Time and space are distorted when traveling at the speed of light. Distortion of the image from a microscope can be caused by low light. Tall buildings can distort radio signals. her face was distorted by pain.

Stop distorting what I’ve said. The newspapers gave a distorted account of what had happened. a face distorted by/with anger. to distort the facts.    His account was badly distorted by the press.



adj. various; distinct from others, different (from each other); showing variety:

adv. diversely n. diversity (the condition of being different or having differences; variety) v. diversify (to make or become different in form, quality, aims, or activities; vary)

Syn. Different

Freud had many diverse interests in psychology. The diversity of life forms on Earth makes zoology an interesting area of study. a nation of such diverse racial origins.   a man of diverse interests.   subjects as diverse as pop music and archaeology.

a nation of such diverse racial origins. User requirements have diversified over the years.

a considerable diversity of opinion on this issue. the cultural diversity of the United States.


prosperous   formal

adj. successful, wealthy Syn. thriving adv. prosperously v. prosper n. prosperity

In the early 1900s, San Francisco was a prosperous city. Bacteria prosper under the proper conditions. a prosperous landowner. the more prosperous regions of the country.

a prosperous country.   gradually Siamak became prosperous.



adv. done for a special reason adj. purposeful adv. purposely n. purpose Syn. deliberately

The course syllabus was designed purposefully to be easy to follow. He was authorized to spend the money for business purposes. He walked purposefully to his desk. a purposeful and consistent foreign policy. a purposeful movement.



v. to uncover, to expose adv. revealingly adj. revealing n. revelation

Syn. disclose

The president revealed some of his ideas before he gave his speech. The report made some revelations about the nature of the conflict.


scarcely / ˈskeəsli $ ˈsker- /

adv. almost not Syn. hardly adj. scarce n. scarcity

The woman scarcely spoke a word of English. Due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established. The city had scarcely changed in 20 years. The country had scarcely any industry.

He scarcely ever left the region. It was getting dark and she could scarcely see in front of her. scarcely a day goes by when I don't think of him.



Common Errors:

Never I had seen such an ugly face. Never had I seen such an ugly face.

When negative adverbs such as never/seldom/hardly/scarcely are used at the beginning of a sentence, the subject and auxiliary verb change places: ‘Never have I known him to lose.’ ‘Rarely do you find such intelligence in a child.’



adv. according to a reasoned, but not proven, point of view adj. theoretical n. theory v. theorize Syn. hypothetically

His argument was theoretically appealing but not realistic. Leonardo da Vinci theorized that the Earth was not the center of the universe. Theoretically he’s in charge, but in fact his secretary makes all the decisions. It is theoretically possible for computers to be programmed to think like humans. Theoretically, Damian's the boss, but I coordinate the team on a day-to-day basis.





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